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FoodEnTwin Winter School 2020

Dear colleagues, we are glad to announce FoodEnTwin Winter School 2020 Proteomics: From sample preparation to practical aspects CFebruary 5th – 8th, 2020,  University of Belgrade-Faculty of Chemistry,  Belgrade, Serbia The Winter school is dedicated to PhD students, a post-doctoral scientists, or a junior researchers, who would like to gain basic training in proteomics.  The Proteomics Winter school will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers from different fields related to proteomics to learn and share information on research, theories and especially practical aspects of proteomics.  It will provide a space…

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Call for registration and submission of abstracts for the 2 nd FoodEnTwin Workshop “Experimental animal models for food and environment”

The FoodEnTwin Workshop Organizing Committee invites attendees to register for attendance and submit abstracts for presentation at the 2nd FoodEnTwin Workshop which will take place on February 3-4, 2020 at the Medical University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. The 2nd FoodEnTwin Workshop offers a unique opportunity to Scientists and the general public to be informed about cutting-edge research in animal models used for study allergenicity of protein allergens, how protein modifications influence allergenicity in animal models of allergic disease, novel models for predicting changes, and understanding how 3D protein structure…

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Attended conferences supported by FoodenTwin

Attended conferences supported by FoodenTwin: Tanja Ćirković Veličković, key note lecturer, Annual Meeting of the Italia Protoemics, Como, Italy, 2018 Vladimir Beškoski, 4th Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference, Dresden, Germany, 2019 Ivana Prodić, 6th International conference on food digestion, Granada, Spain, 2019 Uroš Gašić, International Symposium on Bee Products 5th Edition & The Annual Meeting of the International Honey Commission, Slieme, Malta, 2019 Jelena Trifković, International Symposium on Bee Products 5th Edition & The Annual Meeting of the International Honey Commission, Slieme, Malta, 2019

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Summer School 2019 – Metallomics

Dear colleagues, we are delighted to announce the Summer School 2019 Metallomics: Food, feed and environmental applications with practical training June 17 th – 19 th , 2019, UBFC, Belgrade, Serbia that will be organized by KU Lueven and University of Belgrade-Faculty of Chemistry (UBFC) If you are a PhD student, a post-doctoral scientist, or a junior researcher, attracted to the world of metallomics, and want to know more about analytical methodologies or emerging applications in the area of metallomics, then our Summer School is just the right place to…

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Twinning Coordinators Day

Twinning Coordinators Day is an event co-organised from 16-17 October, by Research Executive Agency and European Commission Services and serves to establish contact and communication between the project’s coordinators and their assigned project officers, as well as sharing information about the call and action implementation rules. For the FoodEnTwin project, Tanja Ćirković Veličković (Coordinator) and Tatjana Božić (Grant office, LEAR) came to Covent Garden, Brussels, to meet with the Project Officer Monica Hoek.

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