FoodEnTwin Summer School 2021

Dear colleagues, we are delighted to announce

 the FoodEnTwin Summer School 2021

Lipidomics : hands on training in the characterization of the lipidome of foods and agricultural raw materials 

June 28th– July 1st 2021, UGent, Ghent, Belgium

that will be organized by UGent.

If you are a PhD student, a post-doctoral scientist, or a junior researcher, attracted to the world of lipidomics, and want to know more about analytical methodologies or emerging applications in the area of lipidomics, then our Summer School is just the right place to attend.

Our summer school offers you a large variety of interesting lectures on fundamental research and specific topics presented by established scientists in their respective fields. It will also give you the opportunity to take part in practical sessions focusing on analytical techniques frequently used in lipidomics applications.


Food and feed applications of lipidomics summer school will include an overview of theoretical concepts and experimental approaches in lipidomics, and will discuss future challenges.

The school program includes the following (not exhaustive):

  • Sample treatment, separation, detection approaches

  • Profiling fatty acids by gaschromatographic analysis

  • Profiling sterols by gaschromatographic analysis coupled to mass spectrometry

  • Analysis of carotenoids via liquid chromatography

  • Quality assessement of the food lipidome

  • Gaschromatographic analysis of selected lipid oxidation compounds

  • Characterisation of the lipidome via high resolution mass spectroscopy

  • ….


Bruno De Meulenaer (UGent)

Daylan Tzompa-Sosa (UGent)

An Maes (UGent)

Danyang Liu (UGent)

Julie Kileste (UGent)

General Information

Number of attendees without fees is limited to 15 (5 from UGent and 10 from abroad) and all applicants must apply via procedure described below. Accommodation and financial support covering the travel are available for 10 junior researchers and PhD students from abroad. Accommodation will be provided for maximum 5 nights and travel costs will cover a maximal amount of 350 EUR per person. The priority will be given to junior researchers/PhD students applying from FoodEnTwin consortium. For non-selected applicants, fee for the summer school is 250 EUR. For all approved applicants, and applicants paying the fee, consumables, printed material, lunches and coffees during summer school will be provided.

Application procedure:

1)    Fill in and sign application form (can be downloaded here)

2)    Provide the following documents:

– CV and bibliography

– Motivation letter (max 1500 characters)

– Evidence of employment as a junior researcher or PhD student (provided by institution’s administration /office)

3) Send all documents together in one email to:

Only complete applications will be considered for financial support.

Applications should be sent before April 30th 2021.

The applicants will be informed by e-mail about outcome of their application before May 30th 2021.