Final FoodEnTwin Symposium: Novel instrumental approaches in food science

Hybrid event

Belgrade, June 16-18, 2021

Topics to be covered: 

Thermapheresis; Microcalorimetry; Advances in mass spectrometry; Capilary electrophoresis; Multidimensional analysis. The symposium will focus on food and agricultural applications of modern instrumental analytical methods.

Preliminary programme:

Topic 1. Analytical methods development:

Topic 2. Instrumental methods in microplastics research

Topic 3. Microcalorimetry and thermapheresis

Topic 4. Spectroscopy in food and environmental sciences

Topic 5. Multidimensional analysis

Topic 6. NMR of proteins in food and environmental science

Topic 7. Foodentwin STSM

Junior researchers’ day

Sightseeing – MicroProt Lab

Contributions are welcome: Send an abstract to

The event is open for public. Registration is free, but necessary. In order to register, send an e-mail to: before May 30, 2021