Autumn school 2021

Dear colleagues, we are delighted to announce

the FoodEnTwin Autumn School 2021

Functionomics: looking into transcribed and phenotypic properties in microbial and chemical food/environment contamination

29.11. – 3.12.2021 UGent, Ghent, Belgium

that will be organized by UGent.

If you are a PhD student, a post-doctoral scientist, or a junior researcher, attracted to the world of interactions between contaminants and human host, and want to know more about methodologies or emerging applications in the area of microbial and chemical food safety, then our Autumn School is just the right course to attend.

Our school offers you a large variety of interesting lectures on fundamental and applied research and specific topics presented by established scientists in their respective fields. It will also give you the opportunity to take part in teaching and practical sessions focusing on techniques frequently used in our labs. The whole program is in the form of virtual online videos due to COVD19.


  • Host pathogen interactions using DNA and RNA based methods

-Infection of Caco-2 cell line with enterotoxigenic B.cereus (MOI)

-RNA extraction


– Target Preparation for Microarray Expression Arrays

– Hybridizing Arrays and Samples/ Performing Fluidics (Wash and Stain)


  • In vitro measurements of bioenergetics in response to exposure to contaminants, such as cyantoxins, microplastic etc
  • Trace elements, e.g. Ni, Fe and Cr, contamination/ occurrence in the foods


Prof. dr. Andreja Rajkovic (UGent)

Dr. Charlotte Grootaert (UGent)

Ing. Jelena Jovanovic (UGent)

Dr. Mohamed Fathi Abdallah Abdelmohsen (UGent)

Dr. Martijen Callens (UGent)

Dr. Mehrnoosh Babaahmadifooladi (UGent)

General Information

Number of free of charge attendees at the time of launch is limited to 15 (5 from UGent and 10 from abroad) and all applicants must apply via procedure described below. The priority will be given to junior researchers/PhD students applying from FoodEnTwin consortium. For non-selected applicants, fee for the participation is 250 EUR. For all approved applicants, and applicants paying the fee we will provide certificate of attendance based on actual verification of the participation in all lectures. Lectures will be transmitted via ZOOM using personal invitations. For attendees that take the test organized on the last day we will provide test certificate.

Application procedure:

Send application letter with personal data (Name of the applicant, Gender, Year of birth, 

Institution and department) in email to:

Applications should be sent before October 30th 2021.

The applicants will be informed by e-mail about outcome of their application before November 15th 2021.

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